1000 downloads of KBudget in just one month!

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Sep 02 2010

So it might not be the biggest milestone to pass, but considering I just wrote this up quickly to solve my own problems, I think it's quite an accomplishment. Clearly there's a need for software like KBudget on the marketplace. :-) What's next for KBudget?

Here's a few of the things I have planned:

  • UI Overhaul (working on some concepts but if any artists out there want to help, I'm sure I could use it)
  • add weekly/bi-weekly budgeting support
  • add some graphs (this one will be tougher given that the app is free so I'll have to write this from scratch)
  • a super secret feature that I'm sure you'll all love ;-) If you have an idea you'd like to suggest for KBudget, send me an email or use the contact page on this site. In other news, KBudget 0.22 will be added to the marketplace soon. This is just a minor update which adds Chinese Locale Support (thanks to goapk.com).